3D volumetric light display by Maximilian Mali can display animated 3D forms using POV method - video embedded below:

voLumen is a volumetric three dimensional LED display device. Its purpose is to project volumetric animations onto eyes of a human spectator …

… By quickly rotating thousands of LEDs around a common axis using a precise microprocessor-control-logic magic becomes a simple principle. The persistance of vision of the human eye enables the impression of a solid volumetric object. Using a speacially developed PC-Conversion software, animations and contents can be easily generated from 3D-Modelling/CAD software with just the press of a button! voLumen can be connected to a PC via USB to transfer the data to the 16GBytes of internal high-speed solid-state memory, which allows enough space for 36 minutes of smooth volumetric colourized 3D playback!

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Rise Of Incarnates is a great looking new fighting game from Bandai Namco (famed for the Tekken and SoulCalibur franchises) in which players take control if Incarnates with mythical powers and beat the crap out of each other in real-world cityscapes.

The back-story is a typically silly, but entertaining affair, and fittingly, some of it can be read in comic book for on the main website.  The Incarnates are humans who have been gifted mythical powers by meteorites that fell from the sky, after that it goes a bit X-Men, with regular humans fearing them and Incarnates fighting among themselves.  There’s also a mysterious voice that has spoken to the Incarnates, delivering a cryptic message “To avoid certain destruction, you must defeat the Sovereign of this era.”

With their own interpretations and reasons for fighting, the incarnates enter the fray.  This means a multitude of super-powered characters beating each other up in 2 vs. 2 matches across some beautifully rendered and half-destroyed real world locations.  The diverse character types are promised to have unique skills and powers and appeal to a variety of play-styles while accommodating expansive team dynamics and strategy in the 3D Battle Arenas.

Rise of Incarnates certainly looks very impressive, if the gameplay matches the visuals, this could be a super-human smackdown of epic proportions.

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自分を納得させたはずでしょう。 そういうそういうギリギリのところで国とか公に殉じた精神、心根を汲まなくて、全部あの戦争は侵略だったみたいにして断

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Students learning to code (with in Brazil!



♣ Erin Go [re]Blaugh / Happy St. Patrick’s Day ♣



♣ Erin Go [re]Blaugh / Happy St. Patrick’s Day ♣



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Cyber Heist an innovative, award winning co-operative stealth/hacking game that allows a hacker and a thief to work together to erase all student debts from the corrupt United States Department of Education of 2114.

The asymetric gameplay of Cyber Heist superb, with both players having completely different experiences but working together to achieve the same goals.  One player plays as a hacker, viewed from a 2D top-down view, rerouting power to unlock doors, revealing sensitive information, and providing intel.  The second player takes on the role of the theif, viewed from a 3D first person perspective and uses stealth, skill and intel from the hacker to avoid drone detection, recover passwords, and dupe the security detection system.

Cyber Heist is a game where co-operation really matters, more so than almost any other co-op game.  A successful team is dependant on good communication and players working in unison.  It’s an excellent experience and a worthy winner of 2014’s IGF Student Showcase award.

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